i'm a little late on my sharing my gratitude with the internet, and also did not manage to complete my "gratitude yoga practice" this year-- but i hope i will still fit this in over the weekend. so, in the very briefest of words:

i'm grateful for my people, my health, my life and my love. every word of this post rings true, and i commend myself for writing it so thoroughly & eloquently. go enjoy it, and then tell me what you're most thankful for this year.

i love thanksgiving for the conscious gratitude that the world embraces. my facebook newsfeed today was bubbling with positivity, gratitude & thankfulness. i wish only that every day contained a tenth of that positivity- rather than complaints, frustrations & unnecessary whining. the world (internet & live) is such a better place with a little gratitude.

so remember to give thanks tomorrow, too.

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