my summer is sadly not very full of concerts. we loved edward sharpe in june, but most summers have a few more big shows. many of my current favorites are playing in montreal this weekend at osheaga, but unfortunately that doesn't fit in the budget or the schedule this month!

i would love to see alabama shakes, of monsters & men, and ben howard.

who's at the top of you concert wishlist?


a book is like a life.

"there are those who say
that life is like a book, 
with chapters for each event
in your life and a limited
number of pages on which
you can spend your time.
but i prefer to think that
a book is like a life,
particularly a good one,
which is well worth staying
up all night to finish."



friends, i'm still here. i know i've fallen off the internet, and i apologize. the rest of my trip was terrific (more to come!), and i arrived back in vermont late monday night. the week has been a bit wild-- significant changes at work, the usual catchup, unpacking, a lack of food in our house, and two weeks worth of dirt floating around the house. but it's also been great-- an early morning trail run in the pouring rain with lu, my first fitting for my wedding dress, an evening bike ride, weeding in the garden and enjoying our greens, and an early morning bike ride today. i thoroughly enjoyed the west coast and time spent with friends & future family, but it was so sweet to return to vermont and enjoy a few sunny summer days.


still on the go.

my trip continues, as i am wrapping up the third stretch. hoping to share more later, but it's been a grand tour of the west coast filled with the oldest friends and the newest. interesting site visits to grantees, great food, stunning views, and more. tomorrow i start heading back east with a stopover in indiana for some festivities. brett's family is throwing us an engagement party, as well as a shower me. i'm looking forward to being reunited with brett tomorrow and hopefully relaxing a bit over the next few days.


inventions of summer.

"There is no end-- believe me!-- 
to the inventions of summer, to the happiness your body is willing to bear." 
-Mary Oliver


A few more from Central California.

sailboats in monterey

my hotel

view from elkhorn slough


Adventures, Part 1.

The first segment of my trip is coming to a close. I flew to SFO on Tuesday, drove down the coast to Monterey, and visited our office in Castroville for the rest of the week. I've visited two awesome grantees, ran a grant team meeting with our local employees, and explored Central California. I wandered Carmel by the Sea, walked on the Monterey rec path, dipped my toes in the Pacific for the first time, ate endless seafood and artichokes, and explored the wharf near my hotel. It would be fair to say that I loved my time here, and I would happily come back any time.

meeting the pacific, one toe at a time.

mystery door.

wharf walking.


at the hotel.

Segment 2 begins this evening!

best day.

"write it on your heart that every day is the best day of the year." 
-ralph waldo emerson


oh, hello.

remember me? my apologies for the lack of posts lately. i've been busy enjoying the best of summer-- strawberry picking, swimming, grilling, and biking. the endless rain can't stop me. i'm grateful particularly for dinner dates with my bff, parties with old friends, a 4th of july celebration at camp, pizza on the porch, and a 21 mile spin on my orange bike.

today our little lu turns 2, and tomorrow brett and i celebrate 7 (!!) years of b & e.

today i'm off on a 2 week adventure. four stops: work, fun, work, fun. stay tuned!


mary oliver.


a weekend on the cape.

a long weekend with brett: yippee.

friday: a sweaty workout, strawberry shortcake for breakfast, car time. sandwiches in new hampshire, relatively light traffic, and at the cape in time for a quick bike ride before dinner with the family.

saturday: a massive thunderstorm, coffee with gran, donuts and shopping with b, a light lunch. a private bagpipe concert at the house (the randomness never ends), followed by a quick kayak against the wind and tide. another massive storm spent on the couch chatting with a best friend. family crossword and cocktail hour then dinner out with b: lobster rolls & lemonade. a breezy stroll on the beach watching surfers, and early to bed.

sunday: an early bike ride to brewster, coffee with gran, breakfast with my aunt and uncle. easy traffic off the cape, finishing a bizarre book, a big stop at trader joes. home in time for lawn mowing and grocery shopping. a really excited puppy to have us home. garden harvesting, swimming at wrightsville, and then grilled pizza and salad on the porch while the rain poured down.