The Happy List

The Happy List began in 2000, on the pages of my old black leather journal. At the point when I finished that journal, it spanned 4 pages, some simple words while others are longer descriptions or paralleled by small sketches. It is simple-- any item, food, emotion, place, moment that has brought a smile to my face. Some items on the list are outdated, no longer exist, or are no longer relevant. But still seeing them brings me a smile, and it seems sacrilege to take anything off! Enjoy. 

Looking at the stars on a clear night. Laughing so hard my tummy hurts. Getting mail- preferably real snail mail. Backpacking. Taking photographs and looking at them.   My teal nalgene bottle. Singing really really loudly. Spicy Fries Day at school. Dancing… of all kinds. Driving. My rust colored cords.  Being silly.  Cities.  Feeling loved.  Waking up in the morning feeling very very rested. The warmth of the sun. Being on top of a mountain with a clear view.  Warm rain. Aloha Camp and everyone associate with it and every part of it. Eggplant. Sailing.  Great songs.  Friends, of all kinds.  Phone calls. Being outside- I hate being inside. Hugs. My favorite.  My pillow. My maroon-striped string undies.  Mix tapes.  Hoodies. Being home alone.  Cookie dough. Daisies. The ocean, beaches. Traveling.  Broken-in tan carharttsBlue eyes.  Rolling down hills. Skinnydipping. Coffee.  My hairy legs. Lying in hammocks. Going for walks. Realizing that someone I thought didn’t care any more really does care. Chocolate-covered espresso beans. Good conversations. Mexican food.  Snow days. Being Barefoot. Making other people happy.  When people write poetry for me.  Making wishes on eyelashes. Surprises! 3:33 pm.  Trail lunch and all that goes with them.  “Hippie Boys.”  Finding $ in a coat pocket that you forgot about.  Swinging on swings. Good concerts.  People who think it’s the 80s when they get dressed. Great quotes/sayings. Sleepytime Tea. Long-distance phone calls. “Super Flaky”- Amanda Dennen’s mix. Good dreams.  Spring skiing. Cows. Winter hats. Mud. Road trips. Cute strangers. Adventures. Picnic tables. Butterflies. Developing photosBase in Barre. Good horoscopes. KLE days. Long hair.  Finding pennies heads up. Watching the sun rise or set. My toes.  Watching a movie in long underwear after skiing. Having a light turn green just as I approach it. Sleeping late. Campfires. Being the first person confided in a secret. Cayla and my beautiful solo. Shell necklaces. Foliage. Mom’s mac and cheese. Raspberry Dream. Fluffy snow. Acting immature. Daydreaming. Emode tests. Sunday night walks.  Driving glasses. Storms. Thrift stores. Guacamole. Five Alive. Cool belts. I spy’s. Flirting. Stuffing and instant mashed potatoes and peas on a Saturday night.  Being above tree line. Bright shoes. Bonfires. The color orange. Packages. Artichoke Dip. Ruffles. Chocolate milk. My mountainsmith bag. Playing in the snow. Sweatpants. Postcards. My Scottish sheepskin coat. Guitars. Asparagus Pee. The Muppets. Brushing my teeth.  Trees. The bluest sky. Rowing.  My backpack. Wrap-around skirts.  Headbands. Kind words. Being a role model.  Cowboy hats. Blackberry wheats. Bumper stickers. Yoga.  The smell of my grandmother's home. Showering for the first time in a while.  A good book.   Cooking.  Cuddling.  Nag Champa. My family. Vermont. Flying in planes. Clean laundry. Doing dishes. Crossing out items on to-do lists.  The number 9. Fresh flowers- especially sunflowers and tulips. The overhead press- with 15 lb weights. Corn on the cob.Vassar College. Hiking alone. Lake Morey. Driving Barefoot. Foaming Soap Dispensers. Sex. Wireless Internet. New Zealand green-brown. Porches. Boating. Swimming with Dolphins. Back Muscles. Peanut Butter Sauce. Slippers. Sing-A-Longs. Sweat. Grilled cheese and Tomato Soup. Love Letters. People Watching. Reflection. Love. Rest Hour. Basil. Intense Eye Contact. Rain on tent-flaps. Natural Light indoors. Cozy beds. Cafes with little lamps on rainy afternoons. Bike rides. Earrings. Babycakes. Slideshows. TA8. Songs that define a moment or emotion. Writing. Wine. Unexpected gifts. Garlic. Ohana Sunday. Turbo Kickboxing. Alpenglow. Powder days. Bike rides. Live Music. Being engrossed in a tv-on-dvd series. Thai Food. Tree Pose. Rechargable batteries. Hot Tubs. Netflix. Life Changers. Grandparents. Forever Friends. Success Counseling. Whiskey.Massages. Colorado. Pie. Impromptu adventures. The smell of freshly mowed grass. Surprises. Hooded Sweatshirts. Taking off hiking or ski boots after a long perfect day. Headlamps. Happy Hour. Grilling. Dark Chocolate Reese's Cups. Red Rocks. Books you can't put down. Zumba. Pigeon Pose. Maple Creemees. Ab Lab. Reading in the sunshine. Morning coffee on the patio. Houseplants. Bluegrass. Hippie Dancing. Dinner Dates. Rio Margs on the rooftop. Sculling. Puff season. Newspaper clippings from my father. Hardwood Foliage. Bluebird days. Sleeping Giant. Cinnamon Rolls. Puppy Snores. Hot Springs. Pigeon Pose. Crock pot dinners. Moon rises. Puppy ears. Sungold tomatoes. Sea salted caramels. Thai takeout on Friday nights. Roasted beet salad. Wagging tails. Harpoon UFO White. Double Dates. A random text from an old friend.  A crush. Heavy lifting. Bathtime with T. Alpenglow on highway 89.