i spent today playing "scavenger hunt: office style v.2008" ... i was all over the office pulling gifts and grants and other files for our audit. i had a much better sense of where everything belonged than last year playing v.2007, however of course there were still a few mystery items that were not were they belonged.

tomorrow is my last official day as office manager, on friday i will become the program manager and will move into my very own office down the hall. yippee!!

Job Update

I wanted to update you all on my current plans. As you know, I have been planning on moving back to the east coast this summer.

I have had a bit of change of plans in the last month, as I was offered a new job within the Community Foundation (read: new job, same place). Starting May 1, I will be promoted from Office Manager to Program Manager. I will be working on many of the same projects that I was already involved with, such as Scholarships and Passport Club (ski club that brings in our operating income)... and I will also be taking on the Nonprofit Library and Granting (read new skills: librarian & giving out $$!!). It is an ideal progression from my work with the organization over the past 1.5 years and I am very excited about it. We also recently revamped our website, so check out yvcf.org for more about what we do.

Of course, I was also really looking forward to moving back east and being closer to many of you... but that is just going to be delayed for a wee while. My plan is still to move to New England within the next year, so we can all still look forward to that. It just means you all have more time to come out and visit!

In the meantime, I am planning to be in Vermont/Cape Cod for about 2 weeks in July so I hope to see many of you (hello fairlee!) then.


spring break 2009

one week off from work.
delicious tacos and chatting with a vassar visitor.
library movies and bikes out of the storage unit!

two free yoga classes.
first lap swimming of the season.
three days of sunshine in steamboat.

25 hours of driving from colorado to austin, texas.
two hours in a plane to cover the same distance.
laughter to the point of tears, over and over and over again.

a bit of snow and a trip to costco.
relaxing evening.

back to work today.