the kids need to know.

i love this so much. it's another awesome video from kid present. full of gems, and good reminders for all of us.

  • "singing, dancing, oh and laughing! laughing is the best!"
  • "there's plenty of reasons to dance, you just gotta look for them."
  • "being a person is hard sometime."
  • "you should give people high fives just for getting out of bed. oh, high fives! i forgot to explain that. how do i explain this? umm.. it's kind of like hitting someone who's your friend."
  • "just treat everybody like it's their birthday. even if they don't deserve it. because we all mess up sometimes. the biggest mess up, not forgiving each other's mess ups."
  • "try this, take a breath. isn't that amazing? it's called breathing. you're going to do it a lot. nobody knows exactly how much. so enjoy it."
  • "let your life be loud! shout to the world!"
  • "i don't think i told you this yet. we're really glad you're here. we don't say that enough to each other here, because well, life gets busy."
  • "for now, remember this: you're awake. you're awesome. live like it!"



"don't think the garden loses its ecstasy in winter. it's quiet, but the roots down there are riotous." 



would you rather give a compliment or receive one? i enjoy them both- and i feel like lately i've been extra-intentional in telling people how much i appreciate them, or something that i admire about them. i tossed out some kind words the other day, and today i got some back. how great does that feel?

"vermont has been a brighter scene since you moved back here."




ways to boost a mood:

  • early morning skiing with lu in fresh snow.
  • black bean burgers & mini tater tots for dinner.
  • streaming womens alpine super-combined competition.
  • google hangouts with old friends. 
  • sleep, sleep, sleep.


happy birthday, gran.

today gran turns 95 years old. isn't she stunning?

we're heading to the cape this morning for a little birthday celebration that will include all three of her children,  a taste of lobster, and some chocolate mousse cake. i can't wait!


time before dawn.

"i've always liked the time before dawn because there's no one around to remind me who i'm supposed to be, so it's easier to remember who i am." -storypeople

up early to the sound of snowplows. enjoying hot coffee, melissa ferrick spotify, my dad on vpr, and some slowly falling snow as the sky brightens. b & lu are off to groom the trails. hope you can enjoy the snow, my dears.


loving, lately.

  • everlane's new sweatshirt. in grey, of course. i was feeling totally awesome in this & old skinny jeans until i realized that i was basically wearing a glamorized version of my 6th grade uniform: champion sweatshirts & colored tapered jeans. 
  • watching house of cards with brett. it's rare that we find a movie that we can agree upon, much less a full tv series. we're about halfway through season one and i love this piece of our routine.
  • haircuts. i chopped a good 10 inches a while back, and have since been back for two more rounds of snippity snipping. we've gone from bra-line to jaw-line (ha- see what i did there?!) and i am really enjoying the change.
  • starting downton abbey with mom. i know, we're way late to the party. 
  • best friends. 
  • granola. particularly backroads granola. so darn good.
  • daylight in the evening. what a relief to see the sun set on my drive out of work, instead of in pure darkness.