Cozy pup.

Warming up after bath time.


summer catchup: cape cod.

apparently blueberries weren't the only thing that escaped a blog post this summer! being on the cape for thanksgiving made me realize i also skipped over posting any photos from our long weekend in july.  seeing as it was the heat wave of the summer, i can't imagine a better place to have been than reading in the shade of the porch and constantly dunking into the ocean in front of gran's house and on the beach. although we had a mild thanksgiving on the cape, it's hard to remember what that kind of heat can feel like now that i'm back in vermont which is covered in a white layer of snow!



as promised, i'm back with my gratitude post. our feast has been consumed, bananagrams has been played, facechatting with our connecticut relatives has been done, and now mom & i are snuggled on opposite ends of the biggest couch in the world reading. it's been a cozy and calm day today.

i mentioned earlier that i did my second annual gratitude yoga practice for thanksgiving. i dreamt the idea up last year, and loved it. last year i cranked up the fireplace, opened the blinds, and truly took some time to appreciate and enjoy. this year it felt more like something i squeezed in pre-shower, but it still made me pause and give thanks for some of the things i appreciate most. i kept the same twelve themes this year to my sun salutations. 

1. Family
2. Health/My Body
3. Friends
4. Steamboat
5. Home
6. Snow/Weather
7. Those who have passed away
8. Yoga
9. The Natural World (particularly trees & mountains)
10. Choice
11. Music
12. Myself

For these things and many others, I give thanks. Today, I feel particularly grateful for the people in my life. From my sweet parents and family on the Cape, to those in Connecticut, from my beautiful vermont girls to my family in Steamboat, the loyal camp crew to those I've met along my trails... thank you & I love you.  You are what really matter.

happy thanksgiving!

my first thanksgiving on the cape in seven or eight years is off to a great start, and we haven't even eaten yet. so far-- coffee & reading, potatoes & pie, a walk on the beach & gratitude yoga. i'll be back later with more. enjoy your day, lovelies.


to the cape.

summer catchup: blueberry season.

i posted the other day about our delicious blueberry pancakes that i made with berries pulled out of the freezer, stashed away from summer adventures. i went to link to the blueberry picking post, and gasp-- there was not one! so, here it is now... three months overdue.

one of my very favorite summer-in-vermont activities is blueberry picking. we are lucky that there is a beautiful berry farm right near my folks' sailboat, and this year was a terrific berry year. i had the pleasure of going not once but twice, and filled my bucket with big juicy berries! tasting them last weekend brought me straight back to summer- i just love that.

here are a few photos from blueberry picking with my parents in july. can you feel the warmth of that bold blue sky?


sunday funday.

  • pup snuggle time.
  • blueberry pancakes & bacon with berries from summer adventures.
  • a run (!) in the park with lu.
  • cleaning.
  • yoga.
  • balmy weather.
  • family dinner at the folks' house- homegrown greens, buns baked around the corner, and local beef for burgers.


birthday girl.

happy birthday, cay. 
hope your day is full of celebration, art, laughter & love. 


"my advice? 
maintain a good support system, keep a sense of humor, 
and avoid perfection at all costs."



brett's brother & new sister-in-law just got their wedding pics back from their labor day wedding. this little gem was part of the collection. i don't think i ever posted any photos from the wedding, so perhaps i'll add some more soon. 


Life is...

from the fence by the thai restaurant on elm st.



two words:
teriyaki salmon.
try it.

we baked salmon in veri veri teriyaki (thanks to my mother's inspiration)  at 400 degrees and it is just delicious. totally delicious.


instructions for living a life:
pay attention. be astonished. tell about it.
-mary oliver



i keep making internal promises not to turn this into a blog about the puppy, and i will continue to do so-- but i just wanted to share this video i took last weekend of lupe discovering her tail. i find it to be hilarious mostly because she is just moving so darn slow in that circle. hope you enjoy. 


walk in the park.

after a quick workout this morning, i met brett & lu on their morning walk in hubbard park. at least a few mornings a week, we manage to slip out the door with our coffee in hand, and enjoy watching the world wake up, the trees stretch their limbs and the pup romp around. it's such a wonderful way to start the day. prior to the time change, we were catching some stunning sunrises through the trees around town. i haven't seen any of those this week, but i sure appreciate the early daylight.


sunshine flows into trees.

"climb the mountains and get their good tidings. nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. the winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms blow their energies, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves."
-john muir

to kim.

to my dear friend: may each day be full of new adventure, tear-inducing laughter, fresh summer dresses, mountains to climb, fresh powder to ski, coffee to drink in the sunshine, trails to run, dominos by delivery, new lands to explore, and puppies to love. cheers to the year ahead & more mountains to summit. 
live your life. 
happy birthday!

cherry playtime.

chubby bunny on seedhouse.

free concert summer fun!

pretty ladies.

tele rockin' sister.

love you!





sunday stroll.

a truly lovely way to spend a sunday morning-- bagels and cozy chatter, followed by a walk on the ski trails of morse farm. the sky was oh-so-blue all weekend, the sun glowing, and the temps warm. it felt great to get out in the woods, enjoy time with good friends, and watch those pups run like wild!



26 degrees and frosty out this morning. don't mind me for snuggling under my comforter with my newman's own coffee, book, wailin' jennys & pup (she's on her blanket above the comforter. don't tell brett i let her up!). very little on the agenda today and i'm looking forward to staying here for a while.



Cozy time.



  • a sunrise walk in the park with b & lu.
  • a day full of touring local farm-to-school programs.
  • a short yoga class.
  • leftover delicious lasagna. delicata squash.
  • sleepytime tea.


today i appreciate:
  • the early morning low clouds paired with blue skies and red hills
  • the last few bold glowing trees jumping out among the stick trees
  • red hen's apple ginger scones (which made me miss chol, alaya & douglas!)
  • cheap lattes at the factory outlet
  • being in my car late enough in the morning to catch the writer's almanac on npr
  • a quiet office
  • a cozy new cardigan
  • awesome leftover chicken
  • a squirmy puppy
  • honeycrisp apples
  • starting a new book and already knowing i'd like to highlight or mark a sentence on each page!


ski town usa.

remember this image that i posted recently?

the wonderful people of steamboat created their own version. gotta love it.


"live with intention. walk to the edge. listen hard. practice wellness. play with abandon. laugh. choose with no regret. continue to learn. appreciate your friends. do what you love. love as if this is all there is."
-mary anne radmacher