today is another rainy and grey day in vermont (we seem to have had a series of these since our return last weekend). this evening has been spent perfectly-- with an after work visit to my favorite little fam, just in time for t's bathtime and splashtime. there's literally nothing like watching this sweet boy grow from week to week, or like catching up with his parents any time. from there, a quick hello with b & lu in the driveway, followed by a perfectly quiet evening at home solo. supporting and loving a friend in need, celebrating with another friend's pending success, baking the perfect buffalo blue cheese pizza, perusing the interwebs, and getting into bed early to read. what a treat.



We're off! Honeymoon time has arrived. xo



this is my truth. a dear friend shared this with me this winter, and as i look out at the sweet sun shining and contemplate my weekend plans (which of course include air, mountains, trees and people), it is resonating oh so strongly. xo



Last week I was in Atlanta for a short conference. My only prior experience with Atlanta was the massive airport, and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the city. It reminded me of a southern Denver. 

Despite spending my days indoors in a small conference room, I did my best to get out and explore a bit. I was surprised by how mild it was (75-80 degrees!) and enjoyed dinner outdoors each night. I enjoyed dinners at Shout (hello salmon dip!), the hotel lounge, and South City Kitchen (hello fried green tomatoes and beet & grapefruit salad!) I also discovered Piedmont Park several blocks from my hotel, which was a large park full of fields and walking trails. It was delightful. I so enjoyed the early taste of spring, flowers, and warmer weather. Fortunately things warmed up here in Vermont while I was gone, so I returned to early spring here as well. 


Up, up and away.

It's always refreshing to get outta town... Especially when winter seems like it might stay til July and it takes two hands to count the number of months since your last airplane travel!