we've been enjoying some lovely snow in vermont over the past week, but it's nothing compared to what colorado has seen! it started snowing while we were in steamboat several weeks ago, and it's hardly stopped! steamboat saw a record-breaking 27 inches in 24 hours, and has received about 5 feet in a week. if you are having a hard time picturing what that looks like, imagine no further...

here is my friend annie, who works for ski patrol, shoveling off the roof of one of the patrol stations:

and here's torre skiing on the record-breaking day!

now that is some snow. speaking of which, i'm off for a ski at morse farm with my mom & lu! more snow tonight-- woohoo!


vt loving.


today was a good day.

today was the best. after 30+ hours of heavy snowfall, the skies cleared overnight and we awoke to a sweet blue sky and the sun making the snow sparkle. i got out there as fast as i could (which is pretty darn fast when there are ski trails out the front door!) and did as much playing as i possibly could today. 

lu ready to get outside!
the most beautiful morning.
i had the trails to myself.
and the woods were heavenly.
sweet potato cheddar scramble and coffee.
atop sugarbush with j. 
it finally looks like winter around here.
home in time for a little pup romping, a hot shower, 
a quick visit from mom, hot cocoa, reading 
& the most delightful sunset.

life sure is sweet.



trip to steamboat, in numbers.

1 moonlit skin with 5 friends.
1 happy hour at Mambo's.
1 dinner on the alpaca farm followed by a visit with 38 alpacas.
1 belated birthday dinner at Saketumi- steamboat crunch roll hurrah!
1 beautiful wedding celebrating 2 friends.
2 trips to Hazie's for bloody marys.
2 trips to Creekside. 1 classic eggs benny. 1 breakfast sammy.
4 laugh lines sunburned into my cheeks, resting over my jaw tired from smiling.
6 days of skiing.
Countless happy, generous friends who shared their homes, skis, time & love with us!



love life.

"I have found that if you love life, life will love you back."
-Arthur Rubinstein




the head & the heart.

i really am digging on these guys this winter. can't wait to see them march 15!



I try to always have a good bar of dark chocolate stashed in my desk for a post-lunch square, an afternoon pick me up, or other occasions. Since Christmas, the collection has been growing... I don't think I have to worry about running out any time soon!



Day 6.

Day 5.


Days 3 & 4


Day 2.

Alpaca love, sunshine wheat with orange, full moon hike up the mountain and ski down, friends laughing.


Day 1.



hey friends:
we are coming for you!



saturdays are for romping in the woods, lovely yoga classes, reading and napping in the sweet sunshine. 


Comfort food.



enjoy the moments.

there have been all too many reminders surrounding me in the last week that life is precious, and can be cut short at any time. last week brett's wonderful grandfather passed away after a long life spent surrounded by his family and enjoying a number of adventures and careers. additionally, the owner of vista verde passed away unexpectedly while in colorado. the throgmartin family purchased the ranch just before i started working there, so their first summer was also mine. i also learned of two tragic outdoor adventure deaths around steamboat last week- one snowboarder on the mountain and another snowmobiler in the wilderness. yesterday, a good friend also lost her sweet grandfather. it all makes you pause and remember to enjoy the little moments, the details, the laughter & the memories as they pass. love to all.



technology is amazing. tonight we skyped with my mom & gran down on cape cod. gran got to meet lupe, who has't made her first trip to the beach quite yet. it was so fun to see her, and she was pretty darn impressed with seeing all of us on the computer!





oh my love.

sometimes i forget just how much i love this song. yesterday, i was reminded.