simple things.

"she did not need much. wanted very little. a kind word, sincerity, fresh air, clean water, a garden, kisses, books to read, sheltering arms, a cozy bed, and to love and be loved in return."
-starra neely blade


wise instructions.

be kind.
work hard.
stay humble.
smile often.
stay loyal.
keep honest.
travel when possible.
never stop
be thankful
and love.


the weekend report.

i'm just jumping over two super important weeks straight into present. we've got some catching up to do, and i promise to go back there soon.

in the meantime, today marked the start of fall. it was a chilly, breezy day with a few showers. i got in a walk in the park with brett & lu, a walk in the woods with jen & the pups, and a short bike ride with brett this evening. i wrote a handful of thank you notes, did some laundry, and made delicious and easy peanut noodles.

yesterday i fit in a workout, a walk with jen & the pups, a farmers market trip with mom, a bike ride with brett, and a bunch of cooking. we had jenna & alex over last night for an adult-only dinner hurrah- what could be our last one for quite some time. today marked jenna's due date and we are are all eagerly awaiting baby b's arrival. we scheduled our dinner party early in the week but i waited to shop until early yesterday morning when i was quite certain our plans wouldn't be imposed on by the impending arrival. i made a favorite recipe, lemon pasta, and lemon garlic salmon. jenna brought a terrific salad. i rounded things out with a new twist on a delightful dessert. 

while i spend a lot of time with jenna, and brett spends even more time with alex, it's relatively rare that all four of us hang out, and even more rare that it's intentional, lengthy, and at the dinner table. i savored every moment of it, knowing that our traditional routines and focus are about to get shaken up in the most exciting and daunting way possible.


oh, hello.

friends: if you are reading this then you are awesome. i really left you all out to dry this past month, and i'm sorry. i promise i'll be coming back to visit you and catch up really soon. the past few weeks have been a beautiful whirlwind and b & i are still radiating with joy from our wedding on september 7. it was a perfect and special celebration surrounded by our dearest community. i can't wait to share some photos and memories.

in the meantime, i've almost made it through my first week back in the office and am looking forward to the weekend!