fresh daffodils bringing spring into the apartment.

too many smartwools that all look the same.

taking a little time to focus on the future.

all in all- a fabulous weekend. plenty of relaxing time, reading, spring skiing, dinner out with ken and carol, making banana bread and hummus, cleaning, live music, sipping lemonade on the deck, lots and lots of free books, movie time, working towards future plans, open windows, warm breezes.


25 Tidbits

So on facebook recently there has been a fad going around where people write a "note" with 25 facts about themselves. I decided that maybe facebook wasn't the place where I would share such info, but the concept still sounded like fun. So I thought my blog might be a more appropriate place to share some random personal info with friends.

1. i am somewhat obsessed with coupons. and reusable grocery totes.

2. i consistently listen to chris pureka, michael franti & spearhead and NPR while driving.

3. this would be my 15th summer at Aloha Camp if i had not taken any summers off.

4. my rabbit, cocoa, lived to be one week shy of 12 years old. i'm pretty sure he could have been in the guiness book of world records.

5. the two places/experiences that have most influenced my life have been Aloha and NOLS(new zealand).

6. the only time i have been hospitalized was when my entire crew team caught the noro-virus on our flight to florida for spring training.

7. i had a crew of imaginary friends that appeared when i was about 3.5 years old, in the bathtub one night. they lived in the ravine behind our house and were named: pop, bingo, spaghetti the boy & spaghetti the girl. i believe pop (or maybe spaghetti the boy) wore a leather jacket.

8. i have always had a vivid imagination and spent much of my childhood playing with dolls, creating and building not just dollhouses but entire towns, gardens, etc for the dollhouse folk. yes, the town did include a general store, bakery, school, doctors office, and trolley. they also had a school bus which would drive back and forth between my house and my best friend jenna's. sometimes we even brought them to school and set up classrooms inside our desks. our age at that phase is irrelevant information.

9. the best vacation(s) i have ever been on was sailing in the british virgin islands in 1999 and 2002.

10. ben harper, martin sexton & ani difranco will forever be my top three musicians. favorite albums by those artists are "welcome to the cruel world", "black sheep", and "imperfectly", respectively.

11. instead of doing the whole shebang for the high school junior prom, i went mini-golfing with two of my best friends and then attended the last hour of the prom.

12. in 1994, nancy kerrigan was my hero. i promptly began figure skating in 1995 and fully expected to participate in the 2002 salt lake city winter olympics. my dreams were shattered when i realized that i would need to be successful at nationals in order to qualify.

13. in 2000, i started a happy list.

14. in 2006, i started a "purposeful joy" plan which involved writing down something that i had done each day to bring happiness to myself.

15. i have finally realized that i simply do not like beer.

16. in fifth grade, i surpassed nathan gershaneck on the reading chart in mr. baginski's classroom. this made me the #1 reader in my class.

17. i love sleeping. my ideal amount of sleep is 9.5 hours per night... unfortunately i realized this perfect quantity when i was getting 4-6 hours per night during crew season in college.

18. i was given the "smiley" award at day camp when i was little. this has continued to be my most commented upon/rewarded attribute for all of my life.

19. i am an only child and was the only grandchild on both sides of my family until i was 8. perhaps because of this, my friends mean the world to me.

20. true & valid excuses i have used for being late for work:
a. the guard dogs got out.
b. one of the alpacas was sick.
c. there was a cattle drive on highway 131.
d. there were elk in the road.
e. the snow was drifted across the driveway.
f. i got stuck behind a logging truck.

21. i love slippers. i have three pairs that i wear regularly. but one favorite pair.

22. i have always wanted to pierce my nose & get a tattoo on my back. most likely, i will never do either.

23. i have been blessed to make quick, close, lifelong friends on all of the adventures and paths of my life... the fact that this has not been the case in steamboat tells me that this is not the place for me.

24. the longest i have gone without showering is 32 days.

25. my favorite thing to do in the morning on weekends is read in bed.


slow day in the office.
escaped for a few cherished hours on the ski slopes with sunshine, spring temps and three wonderful friends.
a productive meeting.
breakfast for dinner.
new episode of grey's.
the most touching and meaningful "kanaka kudos" (aloha congrats) from the director via a former camper.
early to bed.


a moment of remembrance

i am currently:
a. fighting a sickness that i caught from my boss. symptom #1 is exhaustion- yuck.
b. reading "the time traveler's wife"- i am completely engrossed in it and have read 173 pages this evening!
c. taking a moment to remember my grandfather, lewis kellsey dodd III, who would have been 91 years old today.