so long.

so long, giant beautiful office.

so long, powder day lunch breaks.

so long, answering the phone "community foundation, this is eliza."

so long, steamboat nonprofit community.

so long, sweet coworkers of mine.
today is friday. it's my very last friday as an employee of the community foundation, and i've done my best to make it the most perfectly routine friday it can be. it started with yoga, which was sadly taught by a sub who i'm not crazy about, but i did my best to enjoy the practice regardless. in my yoga classes over the past two weeks, when choosing an "intention" or place to channel my energy, i have chosen the word "appreciate." to appreciate my yoga practice, to appreciate myself for bringing myself to class, to appreciate my body and it's strength, and to appreciate my life, as it is, in this town, in this moment. i have been doing my best to make the most of the "extra days" i have acquired in steamboat, and to appreciate them fully.

so. yoga practice. coffee and a whole wheat bagel with maple walnut cream cheese. a world full of giant fluffy flakes. chatting with mark. crossing the final things off my to-do list. sitting in my office shedding a few tears. going to ski a few powder runs on my lunch break. perhaps happy hour at mambo, or a concert, or dinner.

just another friday in this beautiful life.


“For a long time it seemed to me that life was about to begin – real life. But there was always some obstacle in the way, something to be gotten through first, some unfinished business, time still to be served, a debt to be paid. At last it dawned on me that these obstacles were my life. This perspective has helped me to see there is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way. So treasure every moment you have and remember that time waits for no one.”

-Alfred D’Souza

making the most.

with two full extra weeks in steamboat, i feel like i need to make the most of each day. yesterday, which was my original departure date, was a huge success. i embarked on an out-of-bounds adventures just off of the ski mtn with torre, jg & brett. we rented skins and tele/at gear and toured around some great pitches. the snow was incredible & the company epic. we had a blast! here's a teaser photo.


visit from the parents.

we've enjoyed spring-like temps, fresh soft snow, blue skies, dinners introducing my parents to my dear friends, productive packing, brainstorming, and more. i was concerned about finishing work, packing, seeing friends & having my parents visit all at the same time- but the two weeks of bonus time have made it all work out splendidly. looking forward to more time with my lovely parents on the other side of the country soon. 


a friday on a wednesday.

while it's only wednesday today, it sure feels like a friday! i got up early to make it to yoga class as i knew i wouldn't be attending kickboxing tonight. it was a good class- but didn't have the same vibe as my standard friday class.

why else does it feel like friday?

because today is my last "official" day of work for the community foundation. it's my last day of this week, at least! due to my delayed [hallelujah] start date in my new position, i'll actually be doing some working next week, but today was my original last day, and it means we are having a party this afternoon! my coworkers, the board of trustees, grants committee, nonprofit partners, select passport & donor advisors, and a few friends will be meeting up for a little send-off fiesta.

i have such mixed emotions. i love a good excuse for a party, and i enjoy spending time with all of the above groups. but a party in my honor? i feel rather bashful. and a party because i am leaving? i feel like crying [and i'm fairly certain that i will.] my three and-almost-a-half years with the foundation have been incredible. i've become a professional, learned a tremendous amount about the nonprofit world, built lasting relationships, and so much more. it's hard to believe i was 23 years old, only a bit over a year out of college, when i joined this team. in the most humble of ways, i've come so far.

it's been a pleasure. the working environment has been wonderful for me-- from a desk with beautiful windows to strong working relationships to staff ski days & powder clauses to a trusting and supportive board to being able to walk to work to a flexible schedule. i can only ask myself-- will it ever be this good?

but, it will. as kerouac said, "we lean forward to the next crazy venture beneath the skies."


Vermont Valentines

happy valentine's day, my little loves. i'm not crazy about the hallmark-y feeling of this holiday, but i'll never put down a good excuse to celebrate love, hearts & chocolate.

enjoy this little video of my hometown valentine celebration. looking forward to being back in that loving community in a few little weeks.



after missing yoga last friday while in boulder, i was back in a big way today. i could tell that i hadn't stretched or done yoga recently, and it took a while for me to loosen up and get back into my flow. i definitely feel better physically and mentally when i am consistent in my practice.

so... lovely yoga, farewell coffee with a former coworker, productivity and laughter in the office, a tasty and special lunch with my boss, more laughter and productivity in the office, a whole lot of sunshine and warmer temps...

and martin sexton playing in town tonight! and to top it all off, i just won two tickets for the show.

this is my week.


"luckiest day of my life"

the universe aligned for me today and filled my day with wonderful, lucky events...

  • folding laundry & drinking coffee when my boss sends out a text that the "powder clause" is in effect and we are all free to ski for the morning. this would be a good time to mention that we got 14 new inches of snow in 24 hours, 4 feet in 4 days, and officially crossed the 300 inch mark for the season. 
  • so i sent out my texts & put on my gear and head to the mountain. i didn't end up meeting up with anyone but enjoyed a couple hours of fresh powder, grooving at my own pace and finding amazing stashes. it was knee deep consistently and i had a few face shots! the sun even peeked its way out every once in a while.
  • headed into work and received an email from my boss-to-be kindly asking me to move my start date at my new position two weeks ahead into march. considering all of the chaos and stress (plus a head cold!) that i have associated with my rapid move, this was about the best possible offer i could receive. what was about to be 12 crazy days has turned into at least 20 less-chaotic, more enjoyable days wrapping things up here! WOOHOO!
  • i won two day passes, equipment rentals & a lunch for two at the local cross country center. perfect timing for my parents arrival on saturday!
  • i went to the doctor and learned that in fact i do not (yet) have an ear infection.
  • i went to qdoba to use a buy 1 get 1 coupon for burritos for dinner and ended up getting TWO free burritos! in this moment, i turned to the man behind me in line and proclaimed it the luckiest day of my life. the men working noted how little it took for that to happen, and i explained as briefly as possible that the burritos were not the sole reason.
  • truly. my lucky day. perhaps not actually the luckiest of my life, but it sure made me smile.

boulder weekend.

"there's nothing like looking at your own history in the faces of your friends."


steamboat springs.

it's amazing how much love one little town can hold.  i moved here almost five years ago for a quick summer adventure, having never heard of "steamboat springs, colorado" or "ski town usa." now this town has tied roots into my heart. it has brought me so many adventures, relationships & memories. nestled between the sleeping giant mountain and the ski resort, surrounded by old ranches, hiking & biking trails, and hot springs... it's pretty darn unique. i've been blessed with blue skies, fresh powder, hillside alpenglow, sleeping giant sunsets, roaring rivers, and incredible vista views. the closer my conclusion arrives, the more gratitude i feel for the physical & emotional beauty that fills this town.


dear february,
i'm not quite ready to see you yet. please take your time.