pamela's pancakes.
wrap-around skirt & flip flops.
ski boots finally out of the apartment and into the storage unit.
a quick motorcycle ride- not much of a success for the skirt.
car washing!
another 14 mile bike ride (can't stop reading at the gym...).
finished the second book of the twilight series. i definitely like them more than i admit.
an amazing massage.
produce extravaganza at the grocery store (peppers & tomatoes & asparagus on sale- oh my!).
a long overdue catch up .
sending a lot of love to cape cod.

first cookout of the summer at the yurt. 
grilled pizzas, bacon-wrapped figs & brownies.
two generations, six mouths & a lot of laughter.


"Everything changed the day she figured out there was exactly enough time for the important things in her life."


rain rain rain.
delicious brunch in town.
alpaca bloodwork.
a long nap.
planet earth.
reading has been constantly interrupted by the return of a (welcome) boy.
planting peas and basil.
guitar strumming.
rain rain rain.


awake at 6am reading
dozed back off until the phone rang
deep clean of the kitchen
a wrap-around skirt
mellow music, hours of reading, windows open while it pours outside
artichoke dip
"me" time. 
"There is more in us than we know.  If we can be made to see it, perhaps, for the rest of our lives we will be unwilling to settle for less." - Keith Hahn (outward bound founder)


my favorite part of the steamboat daily newspaper is "the record"- a detailed list of the police, fire & ambulance calls on each day. living in such a small town, the silliest things seem to happen. when i started working for yvcf & reading the paper daily, i began cutting out my favorite ones. my collection is a small stack now, and perhaps i will share more of them with you.

this one, from yesterday's paper, may be my new all time favorite:

may 19. 10:23pm. "Police were called to a report of a bear in the 1500 block of Mark Twain Lane, where a bear aparently broke into a house through a screen window while the homeowners were away. The bear reportedly ate brownies, powdered sugar & honey from a bear-shaped honey bottle. The bear was gone by the time the homeowners returned."


tonight i will sleep with the windows open.
the screens are in!
summer is here!

i have been wondering, for quite some time, just when "summer" begins-- without a semester ending or camp starting, when is that exact moment that you realize summer has arrived.  last summer i don't think i noticed the day of its arrival. but between dinner on ken & carol's deck on monday, bare legs with a skirt today, workgang starting up at the alohas and the windows open as i crawl into bed, i do believe-

summer has arrived.


i escaped the yampa valley for the weekend.
fun on the front range with friends
sushi and great conversation in denver with kat
farmers market, giant tulips, fresh flowers and french food in boulder
an artist adventure with parsons
early morning baking with faith
brunch at the teahouse with caitlin (www.boulderteahouse.com)

as always, i am thankful for my friends in colorado.

fresh flowers from the market

sunday sunset over the pastures



starting the day with yoga class overlooking the river & soaking in the hot springs before work opens up a world of possibility.


reading before work!
productivity on scholarships & new ski club members
ab lab & kickboxing
a fun night with my good friend john- sushi, pad thai & michael jackson videos (with subtitles)
the crazy realization that he has known me for as long as i have lived in colorado-- and that is turning into a long time!


when in doubt, start the day with pancakes. 


today i miss vassar rowing. 
the team, the challenge, the beauty.


a lazy morning
lonely laundromat
bagel & coffee in the sunshine
lunges and squats and crunches, oh my
the first 68 pages of 'twilight'
a porcupine scurrying up the driveway
"rachel getting married"
smelly trash.

today i miss my mom. and familytime. 2 months til vacation.

a freshly sheared alpaca
a glorious day of shopping and joking and talking with a longtime friend
theme of the shopping = patterns (see above)
leftovers, sweats & a rom-com (romantic comedy. have you all been hiding this fabulous nickname from me?)
a pair of dogs barking (and barking. and barking.)
a full moon!


restless night
overcast morning...only sunshine on sand & saddle mountains
garden state soundtrack on the drive
bagel and coffee
friday paper- four points weekend special
a mix of new job tasks and old job duties
an email exchange with a long lost friend
a found avocado
a welcomed voicemail
an invigorating and calming yoga class
a twinge of homesickness as i hear of so many loved ones gathered to celebrate a friend's accomplishments, talent & art
pear, prosciutto & honey goat cheese pizza
a cheesy-fabulous tv episode
reading & early to bed.



my new workspace

now that i am the "program manager" i got to move into my own office down the hall. 

i have a great view of the mountain and a pair of pines.
and a big ol' office that could really use some decorations.


cinco de mayo

i celebrated the holiday by eating mexican food for all of my meals.

huevos rancheros for breakfast
a tamale for lunch
shrimp & veggie tacos for dinner

(i also ate a lot of fruit in between!)



definite signs of spring in routt county

  • a hint of green on the hillsides as the aspen get ready to pop
  • fields full of itty bitty calves!
  • muddy muddy roads
  • 70 degrees one day, snow the next
  • alpacas out in the pasture
  • rooftop is open at the rio
  • people are skiing and playing golf in the same day
  • all of the fields look like lakes. and there are fake rivers running through the hills
  • stagecoach reservoir is back to its liquid state
  • steamboat is completely empty, all the time. parking spaces galore!


brett left this morning.