what a necessary & gorgeous reminder:
the world is an incredible place. 
beauty is everywhere.
nature is humbling. 


Yosemite HD from Project Yosemite on Vimeo.



At least she knows to keep her feet off of the furniture... Lu isn't allowed on the furniture unless invited which usually means sitting on one of our laps. This can be rather confusing for her- I found this scene last night and just had to slip a pic of her good manners before kicking her off!


cozy evening.

it's hard to believe it is only tuesday with everything that's already happened this week. lu and i are finding ourselves unexpectedly having a girls week just the two of us, so we're kicking it off with tea & ice cream, an episode of downton abbey, and some puppy snores.




  • a below zero morning walk with boy and pup. hot coffee & frozen eyelashes.
  • a meeting at the foodbank.
  • a trip back to my high school for a meeting with an old teacher about the incredible local foods endeavor he is undertaking in central vt. 
  • lunch with mum!
  • productivity at home accompanied by slippers, flannel, puppy, mint tea & sunshine. 
  • a walk with j & the pups.
  • zumba booty shaking.
  • huevos rancheros and roasted veggies for dinner. 
  • wrapping up the workday and now heading off to read. 




happiness is playing in the snow with your best friend.

ski vt.

there hasn't been much snow this year anywhere in the country. starting on january 1, we decided to go ahead and hit the slopes regardless... and we even found sunshine! i've now been out three times, and i think brett's already been out about six times, making his pass worth it already. we're missing some of our steamboat traditions like hazie's, truffle pig burritos, skiing with packs of friends, and apres at t-bar but we're already creating new ones like a stop at mad taco on our way home. here's to a couple solid months of snow and sun!



hello out there! sorry for such a quiet week. it was a hectic week at work, combined with a little bit of socializing, a little bit of exercising, some exciting meetings at work, finally a bit of snow, and a few yummy meals. i'll be back over the weekend i promise- but first i need to unwind with a huge beet salad (i told you-- we're digging beets this week), fresh rolls, tomato soup, one puppy, one boy and a hilarious movie. happy friday!


super salad.

we're on a big beet kick right now. this salad was delicious with spinach, red onion, roasted golden beets, walnuts, and some little fried goat cheese patties. mmm.


birthday boy.

happy birthday, al. we love you.

lupe's day.

today our little lupita is six months old. three months ago, we brought home a 12 pound bundle of fur. she has brought us so many cozy snuggles, lovely walks in the woods, chilly dark stomps, a little bit of stress, and a whole lot of fun. i adore her huge soft ears, her snores as she falls asleep, her giant long wagging tail, the way she runs down the stairs, how properly she sits, and the way she twitches while dreaming. today she is 37 pounds of puppy, and every day i love her more.

october 2011.

january 2012.


black & white.

despite being a short week, this week seemed to go on for longer than most. today was a monday kind of friday. i had a stressful day at work managing issues with several projects, and came home exhausted. i went for a brisk walk with the pup, and a funny thing happened. this is the third time this thing has happened.

i was home alone and i made a really awesomely delicious dinner. for myself. despite being absolutely beat and lazy. on a friday night. for the third time since november. a monthly tradition? perhaps.

tonight, my really awesomely delicious dinner had a white theme:

  • oven roasted garlic cauliflower sprinkled with feta
  • roasted garlic pearled couscous with lemon shrimp
  • roasted golden beets
  • a splash of sauv blanc
with a black dog by my side and the adele dvd [i'm in love] i got for christmas playing, i'm feeling quite content (and ready for bed!). have a lovely weekend!



Fish tacos by Brett. Yum!