brett is making tacos for dinner.
i am making a new music playlist.

i love the weekends.


holding off on details of my grand east coast tour until i can post photos to tell the stories. in brief: it was lovely.

a full foot of fresh fluffy snow.
back in the office. true "office space" moment as i discover that all of my good pens have vacated from my desk in my weeklong absence and my stapler is out of staples!
new glasses from hong kong.
alpaca orientation as the spring show season gets underway- job #2 will now be in full swing.
making hummus.
a good book.

drive in to town beneath the full moon.
early workout at the gym.
entering survey data at work.
seeing slumdog millionaire tonight to enjoy our last night without alpaca duties for a while.
hoping to make valentines also.

my computer is off to the tech doctor for a couple days. see you soon!