a steamboat weekend.

a perfect weekend-
  • bike riding & lap swimming
  • blueberry pancakes
  • a visit from kat & two of her denver friends
  • fresh bread, orzo & cherries at the farmers market
  • mini margs and lunch on the rio rooftop
  • a free rusted root concert at the base of howelsen hill- sunshine, community & dancine galore
  • brunch in stagecoach with brett & showing off the alpaca babies to the guests
  • Community Foundation's 30th Anniversary party.. a beautiful afternoon event in the Botanic Park full of philanthropy, delicious cake, and recognition
my week is off to a very busy start as i leave thursday night for two full weeks in new england! i'm looking forward to time with friends & family.


Happy Opening Day!

Happy Opening day to all of the Aloha's! As much as I enjoy my "summers of ordinary life", I don't think my sense of longing for Aloha in the summertime will ever fade. Today the camps open for another amazing summer, counselors are wearing their CCC ("correct camp costume"), greeting eager and nervous campers as they pull up the driveway. The camps are coming alive with song, motion, and energy. Oh what I would give to be going through the buffet line on the main house porch, and gathering in the Hale tonight to sing some classic camp songs. I am sending so much love out to all those lucky friends who are fortunate enough to be at camp this summer. I'm also sending out even more love and understanding to those who also cannot be there, like me.
I was very lucky to be able to attend an Aloha Reunion in Denver several weeks ago, hosted by the Mandelson family & the one and only Nancy Pennell. Whenever I get my computer connected to the internet, I will post some fabulous photos from that afternoon. I am forever thankful for the friendships I have gained through Aloha, the person I have become, and the influence that camp has had on my life.
Make it a good one!


it's been a little while, mainly because there currently is no internet in my new apartment. i will either be frequenting the library or coffee shops, or we'll be getting something set up soon. i have photos to post & can't do it now!

highlights of the week include-
  • moving from stagecoach into steamboat. it is baby season on the ranch so it tugged my heartstrings a bit to leave. despite the commute and the small apartment, i have truly loved my time out there. ken & carol have become amazing friends and few places will ever top that location and unique home.
  • i now have a seven minute walk to work!
  • my cousin lauren arrived on monday night and it is wonderful to have her here!
  • i'm reading the fourth and final "twilight" book currently
  • live bluegrass music & dancing have my spirit invigorated today
  • ten o' clock = bed o'clock


Delicious Salad

Carol made this salad for me last month and I loved it. I recreated it when Brett got back.

Half of the fun is arranging the plate...
I did rows of:
mixed greens
cherry tomatoes
shredded parm
pine nuts
with strips of grilled chicken on top

The dressing is:
1c. basil packed

1c. mayo &/or yogurt
1 shallot - halved
1 c. buttermilk
1 T. lemon juice
salt & pepper to taste

Put the ingredients in the blender and give it a zap. Drizzle plenty of the dressing over the top of the salad.



it has been raining for weeks now. i am probably the only person in the state of colorado who has been enjoying it- we have even had two rainy mornings in a row, and that really never happens here. it must be the vermonter in me...

other moments of the day-
  • a seriously sick computer at work, wisked away by our "tech geek" so now i am back at my old front desk computer for a few days
  • a stranger singing in the shower at the gym
  • a whole grain bagel with maple walnut cream cheese
  • a lot of donor advised grants to process
  • a 54th birthday party in north routt


and even more fresh life!

brett's niece lucy leeper, born may 29th.

3 crias since june 5th.


today is full of fresh life.

families of fox kits frolicking under old barns
calves scampering on the hillside
sprouting pea plants
a shaky colt

quite possible a cria (baby alpaca) by tomorrow!


so yes,
it has officially been three years since the day i arrived in colorado. upon arriving in routt county, i don't think it even crossed my mind that i might still be living here three years later. i was certain i would be a boulder girl after a season at vista verde... and yet, here i am going to the same grocery store, restaurants & library as i did in my first weeks here!

i am thankful for the quaking aspens, the strong mountains & the endless winter powder. 
i am still amazed each day by the heavenly blue sky.
"June 3, 2006


3.5 days of driving from Vermont to Colorado and we have arrived.  Vista Verde Ranch is beautiful. Mountains, peaked with snow... amazing. Driving into Denver last night I couldn't stop grinning as the mountains grew larger and larger until we were in the midst of them and then atop them! I feel so at home in the mountains- I want to go climb them and explore and write and do yoga up there. 

The ranch is very classy.  Fine dining & fancy cabins.  The guests arrive tomorrow.... V & I are completely unprepared! Most people have been here 2-3 weeks for training... yikes. I think the first week or two will be really shaky but after that it should be routine and easier.  The other ranch staff seem fun- very eclectic but all getting along well.  A lot of cowboys.  Apparently a bit gossipy, but I suppose that it is bound to happen on such a small staff.

For now it is looking good, though I'm sure it will all take some adjusting. 

Colorado is home. Now."


new music
sore quads
slow workday

empty grocery store
no hot water

third twilight book



i hope your day feels like one big celebration from start to finish. 

a brief phone convo with my gran
breakfast at freshies- with a free cinnamon roll!
walking by the river
perusing the library
a short workout on the erg- whoa rowing muscles
planting tomato plants
alpaca babywatch
a vat of homemade pico de gallo
grilling shrimp
sharing a table, with two dinners, with k&c
a deposit on an 09-10 season ski pass!