hope remains, despite the endless snow.

a quarter of a century


bagels & lox for breakfast.
gifts and cards at the table.

singing & cupcakes & a goofy card from my co-workers.
fighting a cold.
and fighting sleep during a database webinar (web + seminar).

a visitor in the office bearing a beautifully simple card.
a frame for my new art.
a ski rack for my subaru!

wine and garlic and bread.
talk of summer plans.
more snow on the way home.

bound for the east coast in the morning! the celebration continues!



a dark & snowy drive into town.
lots of crunches at the gym.
meetings at the office.
snow snow snow.
"powder clause"- snuck onto the slopes for the afternoon.
4 tired legs & 2 smiling faces floating on 12 inches of fresh snow.
soaking in the hot springs & catching up.
french toast and smoothies for dinner.
packing for my trip.
the end of age 24.


a tad overdue....

now that my computer is back in action, i can finally post some photos that i have been meaning to put up! my parents came to visit in mid-december for an early christmas. it was my dad's first trip to the alpaca farm, so i had fun showing him the animals as well as introducing him to ken & carol (our landlords). we had a jam-packed few days of downhill skiing, ice skating, nordic skiing, cutting down & decorating the tree, opening presents & enjoying an early holiday, hiking to the yurt, going to the hot springs and just enjoying spending time together. it was fabulous!


"wherever you are, it is your friends who make your world."

this weekend i managed to see friends from all of my "worlds." friday night we went to a sam bush concert in steamboat and were joined my nick, john, dana, and courtney... i worked with john & nick at vista verde back in the day, and nick now works for steamboat ski patrol while john is back at vista verde for another winter. dana & court went to vassar with me... we were not particularly close but did have a class together during my last semester. they found out about vista through me and are now in their 2nd and 3rd seasons up there! they are both awesome and when i did finally befriend them during my final semester, i wished i had known them better throughout college... so this has been a fantastic twist of fate.

on sunday i welcomed a new neighbor to town. alysha, who i have known through aloha for many years, has taken a ranger position at steamboat lake state park. she'll be around for only a few months unfortunately, as the job is only winter seasonal, but its fabulous to have a dear friend in the area!

on monday i met up with kate in silverthorne for a little shopping & catchup &vermontpelier loving. kate has been in my life since preschool and has been a fabulous friend all along. we are the last two of what was once a five-person crowd of my high school friends living in colorado. we try to connect every couple months at least.

so, while three of those four worlds (aloha, vassar, montpelier) are thousands of miles away, i am blessed to have a few transplanted friends to laugh & dance & hug here in colorado.


blue skies & 29 degrees.
an omelette & chai for breakfast.
lazing around.
skiing on stagecoach reservoir.
yvcf grants reception.



why hello, my long lost friends.
or perhaps i myself am the long lost friend.

i broke my computer charger a few weeks ago & am waiting for a new one to arrive via ebay from hong kong! brett's computer has taken a turn for the worse and will barely turn on.. plus the keyboard isn't working. so we are without steady technology at home :). plus he's taken it to indiana so now i'm really without!

so, just writing from work to say HELLO and i hope everyone is doing well & has enjoyed a fabulous holiday season. i miss you all, and i'm sorry i haven't been a good bloggie. i promise once my hongkong charger arrives, if it works, i will get some photos from the holidays and winter in steamboat up and running on here. this morning i had a herd of elk about ten feet from my front door. it was incredible. it is another snowysnowy winter in colorado.

i have been busy in the best of ways- the past week or so has been a nonstop camp-fest! we rang in the new year in leadville with a midifest-style dance party and lots of fun. then two of my dear camp friends,kat & sigel, came up for a weekend of skiing and soaking... in very cold temps! sigel and i skied on monday when it was -21 degrees. then last night i had dinner with another camp friend who lives in boulder. it has been wonderful to see so many familiar and loving faces. i love visitors!

back to work.
love to all!