merry christmas!

i hope you all had a merry and wonderful christmas. i had a nice quiet christmas with brett. our friend nick came down for the night and we had a feast with our landlords, ken & carol, their children, and another friend, anita. i felt thankful to be surrounded by such lovely and kind people! it made celebrating a third christmas away from my family so much easier.
my computer has gone kaputz so i haven't been able to be much of a blogger. i promise to post photos of my christmas, and my early dodd family christmas, soon!

sending hugs and love to each of you.


Must Be All That Granola...

Kudos to the homeland for being the healthiest state in the nation for the 7th out of 8 years. Credit is given to the high public health spending, low obesity rate, low child poverty and violent crime rate, and more. My theory is that there is such a high value on the quality of food in Vermont- from the abundance of farmers market and local food to the high number of health food stores and co-ops.

Howard Dean said it best:

"While I ran for president I often said that America would be a better place if it was more like Vermont. I still firmly believe that to be true." -Dean


May Each Birthday Be A Mirthday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PETE-FIRE! I hope you have a terrific day. Amy is probably my most loyal reader, so I hope you like the post&pic :). And a little love to all of the Quints, who have not been reunited as a group in three years. I love you!


i headed into town early this morning to go to the gym before work and caught the sunrise on my way.


What to Read Next?

I've been reading Obama's "Dreams of my Father" and several other books off and on since early November, and while "Dreams" is engaging and interesting, I am in need of a good novel. The snowy days and dark evenings allow for plenty of reading time, and I want to read something I can curl up with... so if anyone has a good book recommendation or two, that would be awesome. Leave a comment or shoot me an email!