About me.

Mountain Girl, Salad Queen, Den Mama, Queen of the Never Summer Pitchfork, Retired Cowgirl, Alpaca Mama.

I love mountains, my morning coffee, yoga, live music, and a good locally-grown hamburger. I also appreciate morning sunlight, tulips, songs that make me grin & cry, pad se ew, growing vegetables and flowers, laughter that leaves you gasping for air, the color of the sky right after the sun sets, skiing in champagne powder, and drinking wine on my front porch. My favorite book is Water for Elephants, and I love every single shade of blue. 

I have the very sweetest friends and family scattered around this big world. My primary companions are Brett and a little black dog named Lupita. Together, we like to play outside. 

Thank you for visiting my blog. This is where I appreciate the big and little moments of my days. 

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