a well informed voter.

i took the plunge today.
i joined john mccain's email list.

fear not, my dear friends, i have not made any rash decisions, or swayed my voting intentions.

for months, i have been receiving a multitude of emails from both barack obama's email list and moveon.org.  after watching last night's debate in mississippi, i received a swarm of emails from both sources. today i wondered what john mccain's folks were saying after last night's debate.

so, i visited www.johnmccain.com for perhaps the third time ever. i entered my email and zip code, and i immediately received a 'welcome' email from john mccain. i explored the page a bit, but couldn't get it out of my mind that the entire website looked like a saturday night live spoof. 

i am hoping to continue to be an informed and conscientious  voter, and i am hoping that the duel email lists will add insight.  if i can stand receiving emails with the heading "thank you for joining my team" and end with "i am honored that you have chosen to stand with me at this very important time and i am truly grateful for your friendship and support" coming from john mccain! 

i'll keep you all posted on how my email membership goes. 


a fresh page.

I have been pondering the possibility of starting a blog for the past few weeks.  There are so many wonderful people out there who I have been terrible about keeping in touch with- so this gives you all a  glimpse into my world and mind! 
I have also really missed writing over the past few years since college, and this seems like a good forum for general thought and free writing. 
So while this post may not be too captivating... here are few topics you might see when you check back next time....

The Challenges of Local Foods in NW Colorado
The Life and Adventures of my volvo, Garby
Friends Far and Wide

So come back soon.