26 thus far:
  • one yoga class
  • one bagel with lox
  • one coffee heath bar ice cream cake at work
  • one bouquet of flowers
  • one macbook ordered
  • one chocolate buttermilk cake with cream cheese icing
  • one too many margaritas
  • one day in bed with faith watching at least 6 consecutive episodes of season 1 grey's anatomy. sometimes a lazy day is simply the best
  • one breadman breadmaker baking its first loaf of bread!
  • one girl itching to get off the couch sitting next to one tired boy
  • one snowflake at a time falling from the sky.
  • one lovely little walk with a dog-bear
  • one big old weekend!


I began my birthday with a delicious yoga class.

I cannot think of a better gift to myself to begin this year.
Here goes #26....



this is what my life has looked like since thursday. throw in the complete 2nd season of sex and the city, ingrid michaelson's newest cd, two ridiculously-overdue phone conversations & "the help." today, i am finally coming back to life.


"I like Geography best, he said, because your mountains and rivers know the secret. Pay no attention to boundaries." -storypeople


I've been deprived for over two years by not having sound on my computer at work. Ever since moving into my own office in April, I've thought perhaps I should set up some speakers. FINALLY-- I have speakers! I can hear! And so, I've started listening to pandora (quietly) during parts of my day. Currrently I've got a Martin Sexton station going, and wow-- is it right on. So far:
Martin Sexton
Ray LaMontagne
Van Morrison
Amos Lee

Oh hi, heaven.
Joanne Palmer's Column in the Steamboat Today newspaper (edited down). Enjoy!

A new year calls for some new words of wisdom, sage sayings and pearls of wisdom to curl up and contemplate.

■ Make new friends but keep the old — especially the ones who have houses in warm places.
■ The economy is only as bad as your imagination is limited. If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you can’t. Either way, you’re right.
■ Better to date a first-rate man in a second-rate car then the other way around.
■ You can guarantee the happiness of only one person: yourself.
■ It’s not what you make, it’s what you save.
■ Snuggle a baby every chance you get.
■ Choose your battles.
■ Learn something new every day. For example: Hemi­dem­­isemiquaver is a 64th-note in music. Say what? You probably thought it was the name of a smelly fish.
■ Don’t count calories, burn them.
■ Consider the source.
■ This, too, shall pass.
■ Debt is like a noose around your neck. Pay cash.
■ You already know the story of your own life, ask about someone else’s.
■ Leave large tips.
■ Be kind. Be kind. Be kind. Then be extra kind.
■ Having a good handyman is essential. Ditto for a hardware store. And a great dog.
■ You can’t change another person, only yourself.
■ If you don’t open your mouth, you open your pocketbook.
■ Trust what people do, not just what they say.
■ Don’t listen to the naysayers; follow your heart.
■ Every person is the architect of his own fortune.
■ Never miss an opportunity to enjoy life. Have some unscheduled fun.
■ If you wake up in the morning, it is a grand day.
■ Don’t get a car until you know how to change a flat tire.
■ We all end up where we are supposed to be.
■ Ideas generate money.


Bright blue skies.
Negative temps.

One night without guests.
Impromptu date night.

Now back in the chaos.
Spinning it out tonight.


How could I forget?
In 2009, I also loved "Curious Case of Benjamin Button."

Friday Night. Ahh.
I fought with a headache all day today, so I'm laying low with pizza and Glee and tea.

Skiing tomorrow.


A night to myself.

In the whirlwind of wonderful friends near, it's hard to remember that sometimes I just need time to be with me.

And that vacuuming makes the world feel more approachable.

(Welcome to 2010.)