26 thus far:
  • one yoga class
  • one bagel with lox
  • one coffee heath bar ice cream cake at work
  • one bouquet of flowers
  • one macbook ordered
  • one chocolate buttermilk cake with cream cheese icing
  • one too many margaritas
  • one day in bed with faith watching at least 6 consecutive episodes of season 1 grey's anatomy. sometimes a lazy day is simply the best
  • one breadman breadmaker baking its first loaf of bread!
  • one girl itching to get off the couch sitting next to one tired boy
  • one snowflake at a time falling from the sky.
  • one lovely little walk with a dog-bear
  • one big old weekend!

1 comment:

Lexie said...

dear eliza,

one big fat kiss from an old friend in cali.


love you.