Weekend Fun.

It was a most delightful weekend- full of family, friends, community, and beautiful weather. We gardened, walked, ate outside. I had a great bike ride on Saturday, and motivated myself out for a quick ride this morning before work. Is there a better way to greet the day?

Saturday night J & I went out for a bite to eat and then met my mom to see the movie Chef. I highly, highly recommend this one!  So good.

This is how we start summer mornings (especially Monday mornings).

Sunday lounging. 


Best dog tip I ever got. Hate cleaning out your empty pb jar? Let the dog help you. Then rinse & recycle.

Happy Girl on a Saturday ride.


happy father's day.

Grateful for the wisdom that this man provides every day, the newspaper clippings & emailed articles, the excellent taste in music that he has passed on to me, the community engagement he demonstrates, the quality of life he embodies, and the adventures and passions that we share. Your pride humbles me, Dad. xoxo


smitten kitchen.

smitten kitchen is my go-to blog for recipes. want to make muffins? let's see what deb's recipe looks like. thinking of a cake? let's see what she has in store.

this week i made deb's peanut noodles. delicious. i've made many a recipe, and i'm always eager to try a new one for some standard peanut noodles with veggies.

i also left work an hour early one day to squeeze in a bike ride, and pulled into the driveway with a sheet of rain. what's a girl to do instead of ride? make pies, of course.

i'm going to have strawberry rhubarb pie remains for breakfast today. do you know how much i love pie for breakfast? so. much.

i'm smitten.


happiness, lately.

there's plenty of things for me to be stressed about these days, so i'm trying to balance that out with a lot of intentional small pleasures.

such as more deeply exploring bands i think i might like, including the oh hellos (coming this summer):

engrossing myself in books- currently enjoying "the last letter from your lover" by jojo moyes.

getting pumped for season two of orange is the new black (arrived on netflix last night) by listening to the audio book on my commute.

planting our vegetable garden. it's our third time 'round and i think we're doing great. cannot wait to enjoy those beets and kale and carrots and more later this summer.

walking in the park with b & lu. it is so green, so quiet in the morning.

going for mid-day office escape walks.

trying to enjoy bathtime with my favorite little man and his mama at least once per week. he's growing like mad, and i want to soak up (no pun intended...) all of the time i can with him.

and getting his mama out and about. pedicure date = best.

eating ice cream. a lot. maple creemees, creemee stand trips, ice cream in the freezer. why not?

floating in boats with friends.

making summer plans. we're officially going to colorado in july for a friend's wedding and i'm psyched. it's been 2.5 years since our last trip out there, and four years now since my last summer living in the 'boat. we've already got two cape weekends planned.

showing my love to those i adore. little texts, notes and calls.



Tonight, happiness is crawling into bed early with a good book, good music, and the sound of falling rain.