2011 in photos.

steamboat, january.

besties, boulder.

on top of the world, february.

backcountry adventures, february.

winter park, march.

my steamboat loves (missing: nick, molly), march.

farewell, march.

skiing at trapps with mum, march.

three generations at easter, april.

lovelies laughing, april.

darling dears at erin's wedding, april.

family dinners, summer.

vassar reunion with these three plus emma, june.

quints reunited in new england, july.

breaking the heat on the cape, july. 

captains, june-september.

loves, august.

lake champlain full moon, august.

sisters, august.

garden bounty, august.

biking the green hills, september.

life is good festival, september. 

lupita, october.

puppylove, october. 

thanksgiving, november.

(see: 2010)

woodie guthrie's 1942 new years resolutions.

do you make new years resolutions? i typically do not, but i saw this and enjoyed it. if you click on it, it should open up bigger.


Best of 2011: Year in Review

2011 will be remembered for:
  • ringing in the year with dominos, good friends, and a cozy fire. 
  • my birthday dinner at a table for 20+. the overwhelming gratitude and love i had looking down the long table of people who were gathering to celebrate me!
  • a beautiful day touring and playing in the out-of-bound terrain with a few of my favorite boys.
  • the hardest choice: to stay in my ski town community with a great job & lovely friends or move to the homeland for an incredible job opportunity and to be near family & friends. 
  • a lovely weekend reunion with my five.
  • completing my final ski season in steamboat with 42 days on the slopes. one final hazy run down mt. werner with an airblown kiss to the town. 
  • lots of quality time with my parents.
  • a 31 mile commute on interstate 89.
  • brett's arrival and quick adjustment to vermont.
  • the most delicious sungold tomatoes growing by the dozen in our own garden!
  • reunions with old friends-- vassar, camp quints, half marathon camp crew in woodstock.
  • adjusting to a new job, work setting, coworkers, responsibilities. 
  • sweet summer sails on dreama.
  • three glorious trips to cape cod. two holidays and one steamy july day of dunking in the salt water.
  • a road trip to indiana for a leeper wedding.
  • the addition of lupita. my incredible love for her!
  • my first two business trips: dallas and nyc.
  • so much rain. in all of the months of the year.
  • a lapse in yoga practice.
  • living in the same town as my oldest friend after 9 years apart.
  • irene and the tremendous damage that the storm did to the state of vermont.
Best Books I read in 2011:
  • The Invisible Bridge by Julie Orringer
  • Run by Ann Patchett
  • The History of Love by Nicole Krauss
  • Bel Canto by Ann Patchett
Best Movies I saw in 2011:
  • Inception
  • The King's Speech
Best Music I was introduced to in 2011:
  • Adele
  • The Head and the Heart
  • Bon Iver
And looking ahead to 2012:
  • some fun in the snow.
  • a new office space with giant windows!
  • a trip out to steamboat to see our old gang & celebrate the love of meg & monte.
  • the wedding of two of my very favorite people in july.
  • continuing to grow our social circle in vermont.
  • a renewed yoga practice.
  • enjoying the many culinary delights of vermont.

(see: 2010, 2009)

breakfast burrito.

  • 1 egg
  • 1 shredded fried potato
  • 2 pieces of bacon
  • cheddar cheese
  • siracha
  • yum!


Book night.

Tonight we decided to have a reading night. We read our books while we ate and then continued on after. Some of us made it farther in our books than others...


Merry Christmas!

Merry love from our family to yours.


today's company.

working from home today has given me some good quality time with this girl. not a bad way to lead into a four day holiday vacation!

winter song.

i discovered this song during last year's holiday season, and it literally makes me tear up every time i listen to it. sara & ingrid are so darn beautiful together and the song is so sweet and simple. happy winter, darlings.




lupe invited od to play in sabin's pasture last week while jen & al were out of town, and they had a blast. it is so convenient that these dogs love each other as much as their owners love each other.


each day.

Source: google.de via Eliza on Pinterest

love is christmas.

i just discovered sara bareilles' new christmas song & it's just lovely. enjoy!


moonlit walk.

it's a brisk night out there tonight. lupe dragged me [kicking & screaming] out for a walk tonight and it ended up being  lovely stroll. the moon is just passed full, and i put mumford & sons in my headphones. we wandered up and down the hills and stopped to say hello to the parents. i love that i can do that! now we are home and i'm ready to hop into bed and warm up with my sleepytime tea. goodnight gang.


sunday funday.

  • sleeping in until almost 10 (a three times per year occurrence!)
  • sweaty stairmaster
  • puppy lounging
  • garlic naan pizza
  • christmas planning
  • a blue skied run in the park
  • clean sheets and floors
  • christmas tree hunt #2
  • family dinner.

the great tree hunt!

after years of purchasing a permit to chop down a tree in routt county national forest, and stomping or snowshoeing around the woods to find the perfect (aka charlie brown-like) tree, we had it easy this year! we headed out to a christmas tree farm outside of town in search of the perfect tree. there was no need for snowshoes, as we've hardly had any snow yet this year. it was a lovely sunny day and we headed out  with jenna & al and the pups. needless to say, this is perhaps the most perfect tree we've found. 

the best part? we get to do it all again with my parents!


giving thanks on the cape.

enjoy some belated photos of thanksgiving on cape cod. 

thanksgiving beach walk.

adorable parents on our beach walk.

hello, ocean.

 daughter & mother.

granddaughter & grandmother.

table one of two, with a view.


donuts with dad, 
one of my favorite cape traditions.