loving, lately.

  • everlane's new sweatshirt. in grey, of course. i was feeling totally awesome in this & old skinny jeans until i realized that i was basically wearing a glamorized version of my 6th grade uniform: champion sweatshirts & colored tapered jeans. 
  • watching house of cards with brett. it's rare that we find a movie that we can agree upon, much less a full tv series. we're about halfway through season one and i love this piece of our routine.
  • haircuts. i chopped a good 10 inches a while back, and have since been back for two more rounds of snippity snipping. we've gone from bra-line to jaw-line (ha- see what i did there?!) and i am really enjoying the change.
  • starting downton abbey with mom. i know, we're way late to the party. 
  • best friends. 
  • granola. particularly backroads granola. so darn good.
  • daylight in the evening. what a relief to see the sun set on my drive out of work, instead of in pure darkness.

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Jenna said...

Loving you turning me on to the everlane sweatshirt. Is it wrong I've worn it basically every day since you dropped it off?