a weekend on the cape.

a long weekend with brett: yippee.

friday: a sweaty workout, strawberry shortcake for breakfast, car time. sandwiches in new hampshire, relatively light traffic, and at the cape in time for a quick bike ride before dinner with the family.

saturday: a massive thunderstorm, coffee with gran, donuts and shopping with b, a light lunch. a private bagpipe concert at the house (the randomness never ends), followed by a quick kayak against the wind and tide. another massive storm spent on the couch chatting with a best friend. family crossword and cocktail hour then dinner out with b: lobster rolls & lemonade. a breezy stroll on the beach watching surfers, and early to bed.

sunday: an early bike ride to brewster, coffee with gran, breakfast with my aunt and uncle. easy traffic off the cape, finishing a bizarre book, a big stop at trader joes. home in time for lawn mowing and grocery shopping. a really excited puppy to have us home. garden harvesting, swimming at wrightsville, and then grilled pizza and salad on the porch while the rain poured down.

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