in two years time.

tonight we're headed to shelburne museum to see edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros. the field will be a swamp, but i've got my boots packed and my dancing legs ready. i am looking forward to it!

two years ago, we had a similarly wet day before we headed to the same venue to see the mountain goats & bright eyes. i'm hoping the weather will dry up and improve the way it did on that day, though it will be a fun show even if we're soaked.

it's amazing how time passes. in those photos taken two years ago, jenna & alex were fresh homeowners. the following month, they would become engaged. a year later, they were married. and as we head to the show tonight, we are all eagerly anticipating the arrival of baby b in september. at that point, brett and i were only entertaining the idea of a dog. miss lu was a mere few week old pup living on a rural farm-- just waiting for us to find her so she could bring her sweet self into our life. now, we are engaged and planning a fantastic wedding, loving our lu, and tossing around dreams of owning a home.

two little years. love this life.

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