fun in the kitchen.

on sunday, i had a great day in the kitchen. i love trying new recipes and playing around-- so long as i'm not in a hurry.

i made the fluffiest pancakes for breakfast. i added blueberries to some, and served them with raspberries, bacon and local syrup. we agreed: this is our new go-to recipe.

for dinner, i tried a new brussel sprout recipe. i was also eager to try this recipe for gnocci with sweet corn, arugula and cream sauce. i added basil and lemon zest, and the verdict was YUM. however, i couldn't find my usual gnocci in the store, so i underwent my first attempt at homemade gnocci. super fun, lengthy process. next time, more patience, more time, and smaller gnoccis. mine were tasty (i used two regular potatoes and one sweet potato as they were all small) but resembled flying saucers. enjoyed on the porch.

what's in your kitchen?

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jenna said...

i sometimes love a good sunday in the kitchen. there is nothing better than delicious smells drifting around the house... your blog has just made my recipe planning easier for the week. i'm going to try the gnocchi and the chopped thai chicken salad- they both sound great! thanks.