on instagram.

here's an interesting piece about instagram, and the new instagram video feature. i agree with so much of the article. the new video feature doesn't have a lot of appeal to me, though i can imagine a scenario in which i might play with it. instagram is my favorite app, my favorite 'social networking' activity right now. photography is a favorite hobby of mine, and the app allows me to take my ordinary photos of sweet moments, put a perfect filter on them, and share them with my community. it's a 'well-crafted fantasy' world seeded with real life moments. you choose the perfect shot and the perfect filter, and then you get to imbed the memory just as you want to remember it.

i always think it's so important to remember that what you see (on facebook or on instagram or any other tool) isn't necessarily the full reality. we choose what we share-- just as i do on this blog. i share what i want to remember, what i appreciate, what i think will make my little reader following smile. the below photo is a perfect example: my living room still life. i cropped out the pile of wedding invitations, the computer, the dirty cups, the crumpled napkins. so you see this: my serene little scene.

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