midweek thoughts.

  • i don't walk lu as often in the mornings as i should. brett usually takes her for a run, walk or bike while i go to the gym. and when i do take her in the morning, it's usually for a run or walk in the park. occasionally, i choose to walk her on her leash around town. today was one such day, and i just couldn't get enough of it. walking the neighborhoods at 6:15 is so quiet and still. by my final mile through downtown a bit after 7, the whole town was waking up and stretching-- cars buzzing, the smell of bagels baking, runners and walkers and bikers all moving fast. sometimes it feels like i don't get to spend enough time in my community, and this was such a good little taste of it coming alive.
  • where i have chosen to live in relation to where my office is located has resulted in a 38 minute commute (each way). every summer, the state takes on a few projects on the highway-- paving, ledge repairs, pothole repairs, whatever. and the drive gets slow. yesterday was the queen of slow. 1 hour 46 minutes to get to work. 1 hour 6 minutes to get home. my patience was thin. in order to turn things around, i reached into my glove box and pulled out some old cds. i was quickly transported to 2003 with a hilarious mix of michael jackson, bryan adams, alanis morrisette, and christian rock bands. whoa.
  • there is nothing more wonderful than getting in bed early to read, with a cup of sleepy time tea by my side.
  • there was an incredibly tragic shooting in steamboat last week involving a family i knew there. i cannot stop hurting for them. 
  • hug the ones you love extra today.

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