a little confidence can take you so far. in the past 24 hours, i've had three bursts of confidence and it's amazing what a difference it can make in attitude and spirit.

superficial: i just loved my outfit yesterday. my clothing was comfortable, it fit well, and i felt rather snappy. there was nothing particularly special about it, but it was just a well put together outfit. riding boots, black tights, black & grey patterned skirt, grey shirt, dark rose scarf, jean jacket & earrings that matched the scarf. i owned it.

mental: i had to speak to a group of about 35 people, and my voice did not quiver all over the place. yahoo! public speaking is not my strength. i'm still haunted by social studies presentations in middle school. i couldn't sleep for nights before jenna & alex's wedding: part eager anticipation for the big event, and part anxiety over sharing my toast with 100+ people! but yesterday, i was calm, cool & collected (and i knew the subject well). i did not shake, and i felt good. i will carry that with me for future confidence.

physical: at the gym this morning, a woman told me & my workout buddy jen that we had "michelle obama arms." heck yes!

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