a winter morning.

last night, it snowed. a sweet, fluffy couple of inches. this morning, it was frigid and clear. we were at the park before 7. brett on skis, lu with her frisbee, and coffee in my hand. we were a happy trio.

it's funny how quickly your mind can change. last night i was muttering mean things at the giant snowflakes obstructing my vision of the slippery, slushy road as i drove home slowly. i dragged my dirty summer tires out of my trunk and into storage in the basement. i shivered pumping gas and thought, "why on earth would i choose to live in winter? this is it. we're moving."

and then this morning: the sun was shining. the snow sparkled. the sky was blue. we laughed. we frolicked. and i remembered, i actually really love winter. 

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