rivers & roads.

friends, this morning i had a serious case of the grumps. i overslept, cut my workout short, was late to drop my car off to get snow tires put on, and felt rushed as i headed to an all day training. i put on some favorite music for the long drive to help adjust my 'tude. it took a while, but finally, as i was off the highway i drove on a road that paralleled the river, and i admired the peaceful water. and then, this song came on and i had no choice but to put on a smile and belt along with the band. picture me starting at at 2:00 pretending i'm in the band. oh yeah.

i love this song for many reasons- because it was the first song by the head & the heart that i loved, the raw emotion, the idea of missing those who are far away, and just the sweet, simple tone.

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