the weekend, in brief.

the weather is really getting colder, grayer & darker. this change in seasons has such an impact on my tastes and cravings. i crave soups and warm dishes rather than salads [unless there are beets & sweet potatoes roasted on top- then i always crave them] or grilled items. i want meat, root vegetables, and muffins. i want blankets, good books, and a candle burning.

satisfying these cravings feels so indulgent, and yet it's so easy and worthwhile. this weekend was all about self care and indulgences.

saturday i helped out at the onion river ski swap for the morning. it was a chilly, and slightly drizzly morning- just right to get people thinking about skiing. four hours and ten freezing fingers later, i headed to the wellness fair with jenna & our moms. the wellness fair is delightful-- samples of delicious local products, foods, and treats that are all sold at our local coop. it's like a market, but with no pressure to buy. then j & i headed over to the yoga studio, where there were free classes all day! we enjoyed a nice flow class with a great teacher i hadn't practiced with before. we walked home, with a stop at the library before parting ways. i came home, grabbed a new book, a blanket and the dog and settled in to read. brett & i enjoyed thai takeout and played a new card game.

today i was up early with the time change, enjoyed my coffee and cozy time, and was off to the grocery store, coop (had to buy a few of the treats i sampled at the fair!) and gas station well before 9 am. brett & i enjoyed a yummy breakfast of scrambled eggs and cinnamon rolls before he headed to work. i went to the gym briefly before enjoying an hour of heaven: a massage, thanks to a christmas gift certificate from last year (i'm a saver, what can i say...). it felt amazing. i came home, heated up leftovers for lunch, enjoyed a visit from dad, and then headed out on a long walk with j & the pups. lu & i stopped to visit mom afterwards and then came home to make dinner with brett: pork tenderloin, and sweet potatoes with ricotta, kale & garlic. plus pumpkin muffins baking in the oven.

oh yes. happy fall.

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