happily ever after: jenna & alex.

today marks one month since jenna & alex's big day (happy anniversary!). it seems only appropriate to share my little recap of what was truly one of the happiest weekends i've ever enjoyed.

to say the weekend was perfect sounds cliche, and unlikely. but, it truly was. from the ominous rain clouds as we set up the barn and surroundings on friday before the rehearsal that somehow cleared in ideal time, to the joyous rehearsal dinner complete with half the crew jumping in the pool in our formal attire... 

two sweet nights in the farmhouse on the wedding site property staying with jenna & al, and jenna's brother will & his lovely girlfriend anna... absolutely stunning flower arrangements and details and decor all done by jenna, her mom and alex's mom... 

awaking on saturday morning to low mist and bold blue sky. a day spent getting ready, celebrating, with a field full of boys doing projects and then drinking beers and playing games. 

a barn of girls setting up and giggling and enjoying the sun. one perfectly behaved dog. and then a flurry of hair, makeup, a sip of champagne, some tears, photos, and butterflies for all. meanwhile, the boys got ready just downstairs below us in the farmhouse, which was so funny and so perfect all at once. 

and then: as their guests arrived and greeted, jenna and alex had their first look in the field to the edge of the property. it was the sweetest moment. hard to capture all of the emotion in an image, but i will forever remember jenna hooting, making tiny little first pumps with her hands, and running barefoot across the field looking pefectly stunning in her gown, straight into alex's arms. the joy on their faces was so genuine and beautiful. 

after that: we all enjoyed the most well-crafted, personal and touching ceremony. i think it is safe to say that most weddings are remembered for the reception. the ceremony, whether long or short, is rarely very personal or memorable. this was certainly not the case on this day. i hope i remember this ceremony forever. the raw emotion, the perfect selection of words, the advice given by other couples, the vows. it was beautiful. 

ringbearer od

and then: a party to remember. the day was so special for me not only because my very best friend was marrying the love of her life, but also because there was such a strong community supporting them, and i had such history with many of the other folks. my parents, and several couples they have been friends with for 30+ years, jenna's parents- who fall into that category, and also who are so important to m,e along with much of the rest of her family, friends from high school, college friends who i've come to know. i felt the love all day long. amazing food, endless laughter, glowing sun, old friends and new, the best berry cake, toasts as the sun set, dancing, the lighting of lanterns, and a fire to wrap up the evening.

it's hard to describe the emotions that surrounded the day for me, and easier to recount the details. i felt so joyous for the 60+ hours spanning the weekend, and the emotions stuck with me through much of the week that followed. jenna has talked about how often she know thinks of the wedding and how happy that makes her feel. the same is true for me. it is a blessing to see your best friends so happy, and i felt so fortunate to be a part of that. here's to living those memories for ever. j & a, i wish you a lifetime of happiness. 

congrats, loves. 

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jenna said...

e! this post is amazing. it was the best weekend ever and you are the best friend ever. also, i think you should consider a 2nd career as a photographer. something to think about anyway...