happy birthday, mol.

two and a half years ago, brett came home from his new job and said "i found you a friend." for the weeks that followed, he told me about this girl he worked with who exuded happiness. he knew we'd get along well. he was oh so right.

slowly, i got to know the wonderful being that is molly. over the next 14 months or so, we had many a marvelous adventure skiing, dancing, singing, cooking, celebrating holidays, enjoying local music, riding bikes late into the evening, and generally just appreciating our steamboat lifestyle and the great people with whom we got to share our time. molly is truly one of the happiest people i know-- and she brings sunshine & joy into all those around her. she is always up for an adventure- whether it is going out on the town or trying tricky ski terrain. while we have both moved on from steamboat,  our friendship has continued through joyous texts, and weeks upon weeks of phone tag. mol-- i wish you love & laughter for the year ahead. 


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