finally, maine.

so, maine. first of all, i love maine. i haven't spent much time there, but i've enjoyed each visit with this coast-filled state. one of my favorite people was raised there, and now a few of my favorites call it home. mainers are like vermonters-- authentic, genuine and down to earth. portland is a great small city surrounded by water. my forever friend kate moved to maine last month after calling colorado home for five years. i was so excited to visit her and help her settle into her brand new (literally: she had been in for less than 48 hours) home! we shopped at trader joe's, we cooked, we drank good vermont beers, and chatted. on saturday morning, i met up for coffee with a couple of steamboat friends who moved to portland when i moved to vermont. it was so fun to catch up about our new england lives, reminisce about our steamboat lives, and celebrate their recent marriage! then i headed back to meet kate and embark on the adventure down to the gentlemen of the road stopover! we converged with some friends from montpelier. together, we enjoyed sandwiches in a park and then made our way to the festival for the afternoon. it was unreal. there were about 16,000 people in a very small space-- but everyone was so well behaved and friendly. none of that sloppy festival atmosphere you can encounter. we spent the afternoon chatting and vaguely listening to some of the smaller bands play, looking out at the ocean. by 8, mumford was on and they played a terrific show. their emotion and energy was just the same as it is on their album, and they were so high on portland and the experience. i loved it. dancing barefoot in the grass, overlooking the water, beautiful music booming, and great friends all around-- pure joy.

first dinner in kate's new apartment.

vermont meets colorado. in maine.

coffee with kristin!

the scene.

the faces.



the steamboat kids.

maine, i'll be back soon.

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Jenna said...

sounds like a great trip. your pictures do such a good job setting the scene! xo