mumford in maine.

today is just one of those grand days. it's friday, and the sun is shining perfectly. those two things alone would leave me smiling. to spread the good cheer, i brought in a cucumber from my garden and two pints of ben & jerry's to share with my coworkers.

after work today, i am headed over to portland to visit new england's newest resident. kate and i live almost the same distance apart as we did when we both resided in colorado. it's funny how perspective can change based on where you are. in colorado, we would meet halfway for a day trip, or drive for just one night. here in new england, 3+ hours seems like a decent distance, so of course i am going for both nights of the weekend.

when kate moved to maine, i told her i wanted to come visit her once she secured her own space so we could do some housewarming and nesting, and i could help her get set up. when she called me with the prospect of a brand new apartment AND two tickets to see mumford & sons at their little festival tour, i jumped on it!

so: maine, a lifelong friend, one of my favorite bands, and a bit of ocean. here i come.

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