these two sweet sisters have brought me some serious smiles this week. lex and i have had the most lovely email exchange over the past week. i have too many people who i take for granted, who i love so dearly but keep in touch with so loosely. a quick text or email can make this country (in this case- california) seem so much smaller, and i love that. this morning i'm drinking my coffee and internet perusing while listening to lex's playlists on spotify! i feel like she is on her way over to join me. and kate (lex's twin sister) is actually on her way over to join me! kind of. kate's moving to maine this summer! i literally teared up with joy when i heard this. we used to share the state of colorado, and enjoyed infrequent but delightful visits, hiking trips and shopping dates. i am so excited to have her in the same corner of the country again so we can do all of these things (hello, ocean & freeport & green mountains!) again. 

"it takes a long time to grow an old friend." 
- john leonard

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