pinterest inspiration.

the internet often proves to be a great source of inspiration-- for recipes, fashion, images & words. pinterest is a wonderful way to gather inspiration and to "bookmark" things i enjoy around the internet. i have a recipe page, which i will actually visit as i'm making my grocery list and i have a "words to love" page where i store quotes and visual words that i like to use on the blog. i also have a fashion page, but i rarely seem to put the images i appreciate into action. this morning, i actually used my pins to get dressed!

i saw this image on one of the inspiration blogs i follow. the combo of the stripes & jean jacket, along with the colorful bracelets and watch on one arm appealed to me. i pinned it to pinterest.

a bit later, i went to get dressed. stripes. jean jacket. patterned scarf (my own touch). and while my wrist wear may not be so colorful, i did source the inspiration of actually wearing bracelets on the same wrist as my watch. and i love it.

thanks, internet!

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