knoxville, tennessee.

surprise! i was in knoxville for most of last week. i actually pre-wrote all of my posts before leaving because i wanted to keep you all entertained throughout the week. did you know? 

knoxville was pleasantly surprising. to be fair, i had modest expectations heading down there, and our hotel was located in a great part of downtown. we were just across the street from market square, which was full of cute shops & restaurants. cayla recommended a great print shop nearby, and i got some awesome cards and other items there. 

twice a year, i coordinate a gathering of folks who support us at each site with the grantmaking and volunteerism programs. in september, they all came to vermont to join us for a couple days of learning and getting to know each other (it was our first live gathering all together). this time, we headed to this warmer climate where our second largest site is located. it was great. i'm lucky that i work with good people- both here in vermont and remotely across the country. we had good conversations about the work we do, enjoyed good meals, and even got out for a two hour volunteer activity at the ijams nature center.

i packed our agenda incredibly tight, and we got through almost everything. but on friday morning i had a little time before departing for the airport, so after a great workout in the tiny fitness center, i walked over to market square to enjoy the morning sun and heat. i returned to my favorite spot that we had dined to pick up a latte & a morning glory muffin and then sat out in the square and relaxed for a bit. it was the perfect ending to a busy week, and start to the weekend!

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jenna said...

love your pictures! when i was in knoxville (back in college) i went to moe's for the first time and thought it was the best place ever. funny in light of the much better taco/burrito 'fast food' joints that are around now.