the lumineers.

i'm calling it now-- this denver-based band is going to get hot. along the lines of my other current favorite (the head & the heart), you're going to start hearing about the lumineers everywhere.

i just got introduced to their music on saturday after a long awaited phone call with my dear friend molly. she said: "eliza! do you listen to the lumineers? they are so you." and molly was so right.

unfortunately, i learned that they had played higher ground in burlington only 4 days before my phone chat with mol. no fair. still, i bought the album and have it on repeat.

what do you think?


Cayla Skillin-Brauchle said...

You should know that I have listened to this song via your blog probably 25 times since I discovered it last week! Usually on repeat! Getting me through grading right now!

efd said...

that's awesome. you can stream the whole album on their site! www.thelumineers.com

that's what i do at my desk :).