sharing states.

on saturday morning, we waved to my good friend kat as she drove off in a trusty subaru. since june, we've enjoyed "living" in the same state again. you see, kat and i became friends back in 2005 when she came to work at aloha. since then, we worked together for two summers (05, 07), and then she moved to colorado. over the years that followed, we enjoyed many a visit between copper & steamboat, then denver & steamboat. we skiied, we hiked, we enjoyed sushi, we saw great concerts, we got to know each other's friends... we had many a memorable adventure.

and then, i moved to vermont. kat stayed in colorado, then cruised around the world this spring. and then! she came back to camp in vermont. we got to enjoy a few visits over the summer- in fairlee, as well as a few times she got away to montpelier for some r & r. it's been grand. but now, she's headed back out west.

heading out to dinner to enjoy her last vermont night.

bye kat! come back soon!

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