a better day.

tuesday was not my day. there was nothing terrible about it, but it was just incredibly ho-hum in a way that bothered me. the routine was the same as always: a workout with a group of women, a drive to work, 8.5 hours in the office, a drive home, a welcoming puppy, chores, dinner, etc. same as most of my days. but everything felt just a little bit off. my workout was fine, but i felt a little bit frustrated towards the flow of the group and not as strong as i have other days. my drives were the same as always- 38 miles each way, but on the drive home i grew frustrated with the radio and sick of looking at the same long stretch of road every single day. my work day was slow- plenty of projects to work on, but nothing that i had any interest in doing. by 3pm, i wanted the day to be over. i walked to pick up lunch, wanted to be inspired by the sunshine and fresh air, and instead just was disappointed that neither friend i called during my walk was available-- or ever returned my call. it was a slow series of events that made me feel blah, and i could have easily let it all ruin the rest of my day.

instead, i made two tiny changes that improved everything.

1. i stopped at the library when i got back into montpelier after my drive home, and checked out a book on cd that i was excited about listening to in the car. it's a totally cheesy beach read, and i am not exaggerating when i say that all i want to do this week is drive my car so i can listen. driving to the park? driving to the store? instead of silence, or a little npr, i'm squeezing in a few track of the book.

2. for dinner, we ordered pizza. nothing like an expiring coupon and a weeknight treat enjoyed on the picnic table to bring the day back.

let's be honest. not every day is as great, or as full of gratitude, as the typical day i write about on my blog. i have plenty of blah, boring, or negative moments. but what is the point in sharing those? the world has enough negative in it. this blog is my place to share the moments that i do love, the people i enjoy them with, and the words, songs, meals, and images that make me smile-- and that i hope will make you smile, too.

so, what will you do to make today a better day?

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