this week.

forgive the radio silence this week, friends. i'm still decompressing and reliving the lovely wedding weekend, and catching up from a few days away from work. photos to come-- more than you will ever want to see!

in the meantime, here are some enjoyable moments from the week so far.

  • beautiful bouquets of flowers around the apartment.
  • an early celebration of my dad's birthday-- our first cauliflower out of the garden, mom-made blueberry pie, a screening of the parking lot movie.
  • a 6am road bike ride to welcome in august.
  • a walk with cay, with a stop for lemonade on the deck with mom.
  • grilled dinner in the backyard. all local. hamburger, bread & corn from the csa. butter from maine & cheddar from vermont. tomatoes from the garden. enjoyed on the picnic table with the mosquitos.
  • and now, the very final bites of jenna and al's wedding cake. poppyseed cake with berries and creme fraiche frosting. oh yum. 
tomorrow i'm off on a grand weekend adventure. check back tomorrow to hear more!

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