a summer sail.

last weekend proved to be just the 'summer in vermont' filled weekend that i was craving. the movie was excellent- i highly recommend it. we had a double date dinner afterwards with the boys. on saturday, i joined my parents and the kidneys for a splendid sail on the lake after a walk in the park and a quick outing to the farmers market. it was a sunny summer day, with decent winds and just the slightest cool august air. we ate, we swam, we chatted. it was delightful. i wished jenna could join us-- but it is always so nice to spend time with her parents. 

i sure hope that is what jenna & i resemble in 30 years.

 sunday, i did my chores around the house and then waited for brett to get off work for an evening hike up the stowe pinnacle. it was wonderful- photos coming soon!

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