a couple of weeks ago, i headed down to aloha to enjoy a day of summer camp. i drove the one hour on backroads down to fairlee in the early misty fog, with glimpses of the beautiful blue day in would burn into at the high points. it was the most perfect day i could have dreamed. an activity period in arts & crafts, two periods on the canoe docks-- both spent trying paddleboarding and catching up with friends, a quick stop at lanakila to say hi to some friends down there, grilled cheese for lunch, and so many hugs. i wore my old camp uniform, i got called 'edodd', and i smiled endlessly.

two of my campers from my last summer on staff (2007) have now been counselors for a few summers. it's so fun to see my girls all grown up, with campers of their own. and there's nothing better than being told "you're my inspiration, e.dodd" when i tell them it seems like they are a great counselor. my heart smiles.

i had so much fun playing camp and catching up, it did cross my mind more than once that it sure would be great to rearrange 8 weeks in order to work at aloha for another summer. but then, driving home just after sunset and being greeted by the lupe dog and my own bed sure was nice. for now, i'll enjoy my memories of eleven wonderful summers, celebrate the friendships i created, and cherish the ways camp influenced my values & lifestyle.

thanks for welcoming me, aloha.

rocking our green & white


my old campers.

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jenna said...

paddle boarding looks SO fun!