vermont's bounty.

if all i talked about for the next 14 weeks was how much i love eating in the summer, would you keep visiting the blog? because it seems like it's all i can talk about right now. 

last night we got our second share of our csa. what i love about this csa is that it is not just veggies (of which we will be producing quite a bit in our own backyard) but other local products-- eggs, bread, pesto, salad dressing, supposedly meat or cheese some weeks. it's a great way to try new local producers. let's be honest- eating local or organic is not cheap- but brett & i made the choice to support our local agriculture this summer, and you had better believe i will be enjoying every last crumb or leaf of our share. i chose to be the site coordinator at my office in order to make it more affordable for us, and the low cost of our garden will balance out the value (and the number of salads we will be eating). 

this week's share. 

our first garden harvest of 2012: kale, beet greens, butter crunch lettuce, spinach

salad made from our own greens, local cilantro & green onion, vermont grown golden beet, red onion, walnuts and gorgonzola. csa bread & pesto on the side. 

b & i literally high fived each other over dinner and exclaimed how much we love this food. i am not exaggerating. 

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jenna said...

that looks delicious!