after work adventures.

on sunday, i had high hopes of sneaking out for a bike ride. less fun activities got in the way, and an early morning meeting on monday meant that i skipped out on the gym. monday was another hot and beautiful day, so mid-afternoon i started to think that if i could just get out of the office early enough, i might be able to fit in that ride. and i did! i drove home, changed my clothes, grabbed a waterbottle, and was back out the door. i headed out for a fairly quick 8 mile paved-dirt road loop that brett and i made up last summer. it takes less than an hour, so it is perfect for a quick breath (or gasp, depending on which part of the ride you are on) of fresh air or an after work escape. the first three miles are all up hill with a 1000+ foot elevation gain, so i warm up quick and sweat my way up and up and up. but then, the hard part is behind me, and i get a few miles of rolling dirt roads. the ride comes out at the top of north street where i get to enjoy one of my favorite views in all of central vermont, followed by some cruising downhill, and then a flat paved ride back home. 

i really enjoy riding my bike with brett or with friends. there's so much fun to be had while getting outside and pushing yourself with good company. but there is also something so great about riding solo- when you can't measure your pace against anyone else. i felt like a kid flying down the hills with my two braids blowing in the wind- but with anyone else there i would have realized how slow i might have actually been going. i got to stop for water and photos whenever i wanted, and just enjoyed riding along smiling in silence. 

i got home sweaty and exhausted. brett & lupe had been on a bike ride of their own- mountain biking with al & od. we ate dinner in our bike clothes while lupe snored on the floor, and then all three of us sprawled out on the floor- tired and happy as could be. 

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