my heart was in a lot of places today--

rejoicing with the official kickoff of summer: opening day for the aloha camps. thinking of those lucky girls embarking on another 'best summer ever' and the wonderful counselors who will work hard to make it just that. appreciating the online camaraderie that takes place among the hundreds of us who have spent time at aloha and have since followed paths that no longer allow us to be at camp for the summer.

mourning the massive fires burning all over colorado: thinking of the people, homes, trees, animals & mountains being burned rapidly as well as of the strong firefighters working to control the flames.

and lastly, readjusting from a brief vacation to indiana and kickstarting my short workweek with a five hour meeting at shelburne farms, followed by a two hour grant meeting operating on west coast time. that meant work til 7, home by 8, dinner by 9. and now: reading by 10.

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