my heart was here today. thinking of the incredibly lucky girls at aloha arriving at camp, settling into life in a platform tent, changing into green & white, greeting new and old friends, taking swim and canoe tests, eating pizza in the dining hall, singing songs in the hale, and having trouble falling asleep after reading by flashlight or whispering with friends. and thinking, too, of the amazing counselors who are literally waiting to change lives, and who will in turn have their lives changed. who found a way to escape their other jobs, careers, and educations to make it back to camp. all sharing dreams of another best summer ever. waiting to climb mountains, paddle lakes and rivers, making forever friends, cook over campfires. sigh. i know-- it sounds so cheesy. but there is so much magic waiting to be had in fairlee this summer, and so many wonderful moments to come. cheers to an amazing summer!

note: i originally wrote this post last night, on aloha's opening day, but due to lack of internet access you are seeing it now!

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